Windshield wipers have a vital role in ensuring proper driving safety , as they ensure the driver's visibility in all types of weather conditions. For more references, check out: best windshield washer fluid

What is the windshield wiper fluid for?

Due to the speed at which cars travel, the front window quickly gets dirty with rubberized insects, splashes of mud and dirt in general, which makes it difficult to see the road.

For this reason, vehicles are equipped with powerful windscreen cleaning systems, consisting of brushes that sweep away water, snow, mud or dust that are deposited on the glass.

But that is not enough, since without the help of water injected under pressure it would not be possible to remove all the dirt that reduces the driver's visual field.

For that reason the vehicles also incorporate injectors that throw water on the windshield .

Anti-rain treatment for the car

Manufacturers design cars so that rainwater is largely repelled by the front window itself. What they try to do with these actions is that rainwater does not reduce the driver's visibility.

In addition, there are also repellent products that keep water and dirt away from an area on the glass that does not impede vision so much .

But that is not enough to guarantee maximum visibility. Likewise, the solution is also not found in the kitchen of your home, making homemade windscreen-repellent water repellents.

It is best to use professional chemicals to clean the windshield. This is, at least, the recommendation of all car manufacturers, who are very reluctant to use windshield wipers, as well as home anti-rain treatments because they do not provide the expected results.

Where to pour the windshield wiper fluid?

People with less knowledge of car maintenance often ask us an easy-to-answer question: where is the water poured onto the windshield? This doubt usually appears when they notice that they have already used the entire reserve of the windshield wiper fluid and do not know how to make and fill it.

Even more: there are drivers who don't even know that there is a tank that they have to fill up from time to time.

In order to avoid problems in locating it, the tank is always in a very accessible area of ​​the engine and is easy to identify . It is usually a white plastic tank with a cover that has a windscreen wiper design (similar to the light that in many cars comes on when the liquid runs out).

The only thing you have to do, therefore, is to lift the hood with the engine cold - so that it does not accidentally burn in any part of it - and locate in which area the windscreen wipers is located. Lift the cap and pour the contents of the bottle you previously bought with the help of a funnel, if you are not able to put it directly.

If you don't know which one to choose, we recommend a windshield wiper fluid with a little alcohol and antifreeze to clean it better and work properly in winter.

Where to buy windshield wipers?

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